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Approved Software for Tax Year 2013

This is a listing of the software that has completed and passed acceptance testing for tax year 2013.  It will be updated periodically as software is approved.

Tax type Company name Software ID
Corporate CCH SFS - TaxWise UNIVERSAL
Corporate On-Line Taxes, Inc. OLTDTPROTS
Corporate Intuit Lacerte LACERTE
Corporate Intuit - Intuit Tax Online ITO PRO
Corporate H & R Block, Inc HRB BW
Corporate Drake Software DRAKE SOFT
Corporate Corptax, Inc. CORPTAX001
Corporate CCH Small Firm Services-ATX ATX Forms
Corporate TaxSlayer 13000196
Corporate TaxSlayer 13000192
Corporate AgileTax (Thomson Reuters) 13000132
Corporate Intuit PROSERIES 1030
Corporate CS Professional Suite 1022
Corporate CCH Inc 1019
Corporate Tax Technologies Inc. 1259
Individual CCH SFS TaxWise UNIVERSAL
Individual Thomson Reuters-GoSystem/ONERESOURCE RIA
Individual On-Line Taxes, Inc ONLINETAXE
Individual On-Line Taxes, Inc. OLTSOFTPRO
Individual On-Line Taxes, Inc. OLTDTPROTS
Individual Liberty Tax Service LIBTAX13
Individual Lamson Technology - 1040NOW LAMSONTECH
Individual Intuit Lacerte LACERTE
Individual Jackson Hewitt JTAX
Individual Intuit - Intuit tax Online ITO PRO
Individual Intuit INTUIT
Individual H & R Block, Inc HRB WEB
Individual H & R Block, Inc HRB TPS
Individual H & R Block, Inc HRB TAXCUT
Individual H & R Block HRB BW
Individual Drake Software DRAKE SOFT
Individual CrossLink CROSSLINK
Individual CCH Small Firms Services-ATX ATX Forms
Individual 2nd Story Software TaxACT 2ND STORY
Individual Liberty Online 2013 13000246
Individual DIY Tax 2013 13000245
Individual Liberty Tax e-Smart FFA 2013 13000242
Individual TaxSlayer 13000186
Individual TaxSlayer 13000181
Individual Liberty Tax e-SmartTax2013 13000089
Individual OnePriceTaxes 13000084
Individual CCH ProSystem fx 13000073
Individual Thomson Reuters TaxSimple 13000054
Individual Thomson Reuters Agile Tax 13000053
Individual TaxHawk, Inc. 1201
Individual CS Professional Suite 1022
Partnership CCHSFS - TaxWise UNIVERSAL
Partnership On-Line Taxes, Inc OLTDTPROTS
Partnership Intuit Lacerte LACERTE
Partnership Intuit - Intuit Tax Online ITOPRO
Partnership H & R Block, Inc HRB BW
Partnership Drake Software DRAKE SOFT
Partnership Corptax, Inc CORPTAX001
Partnership CCH Small Firms Services-ATX ATX Forms
Partnership TaxSlayer 13000196
Partnership Thomson Reuters Agile Tax 13000137
Partnership Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting 13000127
Partnership Intuit PROSERIES 1030
Partnership CS Professional Suite 1022
Partnership CCH Inc 1019